About Homicide

What’s with the site? Originally, I am a resident of blogger but I decided to transfer again in wordpress because of certain reasons. My URL in blogger is sintunado.blogspot.com and been blogging there for 2 months. Now, I hope my stay in wordpress would be permanent. ^^

How did I come up with the name? Well, at first I thought of “illuminate.wordpress.com” but it was already taken, even illuminated, illumination and others. Then, I thought of “byakuya.wordpress.com” which means white night, again it was taken already. Then one night I watched DnAngel and Krad was there, where he was called “homicidal blonde”. So, that’s the time I came up with the idea of HOMICIDE as my url.

Regarding the Layout? I was astonished by the blog theme of atashi that’s why I was urged to move here in wordpress. My blog theme is entitled POOL by Borja Fernandez and I just edited the header so that it would blend in my blog.

Header? I update and change my header everytime I fell like changing it. And all of those is originally made by yours truly.



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  1. aaah! napanganga ako sa explanation mo ha! astigin naman!

  2. aaah! napanganga ako sa explanation mo ha! astigin naman! dapat sa wordpress ka na permanently, cool na cool dito, tol!

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