About the Boy

Online Name: Japboy/Japjap

What about me? My real name is Byron Jeff, dominating the world since February 13, 1991. A Filipino. I am a resident of Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines. I like to play with html/css. I know how to use photoshop but not imageready. I am a rookie artist, rookie photographer and loves playing the piano. I like classical music, knows a little niponggo, an anime and online game addict.

Contact me:
Friendster.com – friendster.com/classico

NOTE: Galing po ito sa isang comment ni CJ sa blog ni Jonell, at naibigan kong gayahin ang  pattern ng pagkakasulat, yung iba ay iniba ko base na rin sa akin at yung iba ay iniretain ko.

1. Name: Byron Jeff Ylagan Datinguinoo
2. Age: 16 years old
3. Address: #38 Newton St. Camella Homes 2F Bacoor Cavite
4. Birthdate: February 13, 1991

5. I am a product of a happy family
6. I have three legitimate brothers
7. My father works abroad
8. I live with my family
9. I have 3 cousins staying at home
10. My two lolos are dead.

11. I stand corrected everytime the correction is acceptable
12. I am a snobbish person sa di ko kilala, pero pag close tayo ^___^
13. I don’t talk back to my parents
14. I sometimes have mood swings
15. I am an opinionated person
16. I am fond fixing my hair
17. I am an emotional person
18. I am a nice person
19. I always lend my hand for help
20. I stand for what is right

21. I graduated as “The most kulit student” in Kindergarten
22. I am the top 1 of the class from Grade 4 to Grade 6
23. I finished elementary as the Valedictorian of San Miguel Elementary School. — first honorable mention
24. I studied high school in Casa Real Montessori School PP Village Imus Cavite, http://casarealmontessori.org
25. I am the (former) Editor-in-Chief, our official schoolpaper
26. I like all teachers. Yet I am not showing any favoritism upon them
27. The thickest notebooks I had made are for Physics
28. I love my classmates, and they love me
29. I always get dizzy whenever I am late at school
30. I am right-handed

31. I firmly believe in God
32. I am a Christian
33. I am a Roman Catholic
34. I read the Bible, rarely
35. I pray every night
36. I am a sinner
37. I love God
38. I attend Sunday mass sometimes
39. I do not have any youth organizations for God
40. Basta mahal ko si God

41. Authors: Yukiru Sugisaki, Kubo Tite, CS Lewis
42. Movies: The Classic, 100 days with Mr. Arrogant, Daddy Longlegs
43. Past times: Watching Anime, surfing the net, Playing Flyff
44. Hobbies: Piano, Drawing Manga, Lettering
45. Fastfoods: McDonalds, Tokyo Tokyo, KFC. JOLIBEE
46. TV Personalities: Si…
47. Soap Operas: Kailangan pa ba t?
48. Foreign TV Programs: DN Angel, Bleach, Death Note
49. Song: True Light, You’re a God, Lost In Space
50. Softdrinks: Coke, Sprite, Royal

51. Scotch Tape
52. Pawis
53. Posers
54. Talking on the phone (landline)
55. Malakas na boses (yung pasigaw)
56. Simcard na walang load
57. Jeepney Driver/Pedicab driver na may ano, alam niyo na.
58. Our directress
59. Plastics/backfighters
60. Hypocrites



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  1. parang ito dun yung about you mo dun sa dati, ha? ui, malapit na birthday niya!

  2. bat galit ka sa scotch tape? :-/

  3. @karla, kasi naiinis aku ag dumidikit siya sa tsinelas ko hehehe

  4. nice bloggy you got here. 😀

  5. You sound like a pretty good guy. Belated happy birthday. Now you’re 14, but ain’t 16;-)(that’s what it says on you’re age). ha! I got you there! I know I’m not ok. I’m a little hyper, don’t you think?

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