Online Friends

Hiya! This is where I will put my friends’ links from now on, not in the sidebar, so if ever you wanted to be linked in my blog, just drop a comment here. Thanks a lot!

Kuya Joe –
Joy –
Erika –
Jonell –
Padre Salvi –
Gerald –
Mel –
Fiel –
Carlshark –
Raymund –
Iskoo –
Ironwulf –
Rommel –
Jehzlau –
Mikel –
Mr. Pencil –



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  1. i had reprimanded myself on not moving yet again on another site. but then, i failed to for serious matters. i hope you’d understand.

  2. hey there japjap. this site is so much better than the previous one. ex links! (again) 🙂

  3. nga pala… inde wordpress ang site ng link ko sayo. pa-edit naman po. thanks. 😛

  4. ganun din yung akin… hindi naman blogspot pero blogspot.. huhuhu :((

    di ko po napansin na malimali pala ang links ko, pero thanks na rin sa suporta at pagpapaalala, nabago ko na po ung links niyo. ^^

  6. wow! yahoo! thanks.

  7. Japboy, paki-add din po yun isang blog ko..

    Salamat dear!

  8. Oist, Japboy, Happy Hearts day sayo! 😀

  9. Hey there Japboy! 🙂 Daan daan lang.
    Pa-add din ng link!

  10. take it leave it break it
    anyway you can’t get back to yesterday

  11. Your here! Na link ko na yung bago mong blog!

  12. japboy! paupdate ng link! 🙂

  13. ako rin. palit links na ako eh!

  14. Halow! Links ex din!

  15. all of ur links are updated!!! ^^

  16. link exchange po tayo.. wahehehe

  17. Pa-link! Salamat.

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